Friday, August 19, 2016

Coalition: "Yes, we were a terrible, inhumane Opposition. So sorry"

Gee, this outburst of blame shifting and quasi-apologies from Liberals for how they acted whilst in Opposition under the then soon-to-be most inept PM in Australian history are coming thick and fast.

First, it was Tony himself musing that perhaps he should have let Labor try deflecting wannabe refugees to Malaysia instead of driving them to desperation in the dead end societies of Nauru and Manus Island.  Half- baked, not-really-an-apology-but-thanks-for-the-thought, no doubt not accepted by the people living in tents in the tropics for the last few years, Tony.

Yesterday, Morrison was happy to point out that he was only following orders from Abbott in that matter.  Strange how he nonetheless tied his rising star to a level of secrecy and dubious tactics including high seas bribery against refugees that were every bit as questionable as Abbott's self serving painting of Malaysia as the hell hole of Asia.

And today, Christopher Pyne says "well it wasn't me being the unreasonable one":
Leader of the House Christopher Pyne has blamed Tony Abbott’s former chief whip, Warren Entsch, for a series of bad calls that resulted in Labor MPs initially being refused leave during Julia Gillard’s hung parliament.
Mr Pyne, again touting his credentials as a “fixer”, insisted he overruled Mr Entsch’s hardball tactic of refusing parliamentary pairs for Labor’s Craig Thomson to attend the birth of his child and Michelle Rowland, who wished to care for a sick child.
I wonder how the Right wing Murdoch cheer squad for the then Opposition are feeling now that the politicians they supported at the time are now changing their tune.


not trampis said...

I am hoping like crazy Abbott is again PM and he appoints Katesy as his economic advisor.

Steve said...


Can't really see Abbott ever getting another go - too many people realised he was a real oddball.

not trampis said...

I know Steve but a man can hope.

comedians thought him gold!