Thursday, August 04, 2016

Derangement noted

From the Economist,  a report on a campaign stop on 1 August:
The presidential race: Donald Trump’s disastrous fortnight | The Economist:
The speech that followed was even more rambling than usual, and peppered with personal gripes; the boasts were fewer, his haranguing of the media (“some of the most dishonest people”) went on for longer.

At times, Mr Trump sounded deranged. Some of the negotiators he says he will commission to improve America’s trade terms “are horrible, horrible human beings”, he said. “Some of them don’t sleep at night, some of them turn and toss and sweat, they’re turning and tossing and sweating and it’s disgusting, and these are the people we want to negotiate for us, right?” Whose experience, actually, was he describing? With three months to the election, it is early days, and the contest looks close; yet Mr Trump’s campaign is a mess. In Mechanicsburg it was tempting to think he really had seen the writing on the wall.

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John said...

I had this quirky thought today:

Trump has finally realised that as President he will have less freedom, less income, and more criticism than as a member of elite corporatocracy.