Monday, August 22, 2016

She can't handle the truth

Oh look, there goes Judith Sloan having an attack of the vapours because an Australian journalist correctly pointed out that about the only agitation about repeal of s18C Racial Discrimination Act comes from white privileged (usually male) people aligned with the IPA.

Once again, I wonder why she doesn't realise that her continual hyperbole (often in the bitchiest tone possible, especially when it comes to other economists) about, well, everything (she's also upset that swimmers were still in Rio after their competition had finished - yes really) means everyone outside of her tiny circle of fans from Catallaxy and the Australian (and that may be exactly the same, tiny group) ignore her? 

Update:  by the way, I don't doubt that the QUT s.18C case is pretty ridiculous, but seems to me there is every chance that the judgement might confirm that.   I wouldn't get into any frenzy about it until the outcome is known.  

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not trampis said...

how does 18c reduce free speech? Let us take Bolt. He has his columns, a TV program and is on the radio do it hasn't stopped him. Who else has it stopped??

There has been one case and that was determined because Bolt didn't do any work at all and his version was totally in contradiction to the facts.

Perhaps that is why the Peroxide Princess is so angry.