Monday, September 19, 2016

Can't please all the viewers all the time

ABC's John Howard on Robert Menzies documentary dismissed as 'propaganda'

If you're watching a documentary hosted by Howard about his political hero Menzies, and with a stated aim to put a more positive spin on the era than is common in most Left influenced commentary, it seems a bit silly to complain about it.

I found it better than I expected:  I think it gave a reasonably good (if brief) treatment of the issue of how Communism faired in Australia at the time, which I found particularly interesting. 

I also liked how clear much of the archival film was.  (Digitally restored, I would assume.)

As I have noted before, when you're watching historical film in colour instead of black and white, it really does seem to make the past seem not as distant as it otherwise can feel. 

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not trampis said...

Few people seem to realise that under fair electoral boundaries Menzies would have lost both the 54 and 61 elections.
Inflation was the highest ever under his leadership. He clearly had no understanding of economics at all.
He went to England to watch the cricket so was out of the country for lengthy times

He would have been murdered if he was around today.

no-one likes a fat condescending man except JC