Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Clearly, Clinton won

I see that Right wing blogs from Catallaxy to Powerline have up posts either outright lamenting Trump's debate performance, or giving him luke warm praise for not self immolating completely (and claiming that it won't swing any voters anyway.)    This is most definitely conclusive evidence that Clinton came out the winner. 

Mind you, I can't wait for Catallaxy's nuttiest economist, Steve Kates, to weigh in on it.   I'm going for "A narrow win by Trump, who had to face the most biased moderation in Presidential debate history" as his line.   Or I could be wrong: he might have discerned through the haze of Trump love that clouds his mind that his hero stuffed it up, and he's on medication before he can write a post admitting it.

And by the way:  this column just up at The Atlantic is very obviously right - Trump has a clear cruel streak, evident repeatedly in this campaign by his bizarre personal taunting of not only people who he opposes, but even those who have capitulated and endorsed him.   


not trampis said...

She didn't just win she thrashed him as expected.

They won't let Katesy out of the Asylum this weekend!

not trampis said...

we were both right about Katesy's reaction

Steve said...

Yes. He sounds sadder than I expected, though.

Paul Montgomery said...

It is notable how the only thing they have left to make them feel better is online polls which have been openly gamed by the alt-right crowd at 4chan and Reddit. They literally have nothing else.

not trampis said...

on line are highly biased polls in a statistical sense. you learn that on thew first day of class doing Statistics.