Monday, October 10, 2016

Let's check in on the delusional deplorables (Australian sub-branch)

It seems that the threadsters at the home for Australian Trumpkins (you know where I mean by now) are cock-a-hoop*  that Trump didn't entirely self-immolate at today's debate.  (Which I haven't watched - just been reading 'net reactions.)

The fact that we're only formerly seen wannabe dictators threatening opponents with special investigations and jail - and that this is not a good look in a democracy - hasn't sunk into their thick heads yet; probably never will.

Anyway, amongst the tidal surge of ridiculousness I was reading, I thought that this spin on Trump and his very curious debate sniff was the funniest by far:
The Donald stood like a General, with his sniffs adding to the serious disdain in his expression at everything Hillary said.

*  perhaps not an expression that's it wise to use when mentioning Trump.**

** OK, or Bill.


not trampis said...

He is a fact free zone.
for one thing Clinton was NOT impeached nor did he pay such an amount.

Plenty of others though.

Jason Soon said...

the unfortunate thing is that every Cat post shows up as a Facebook update of Sinc's regardless of whether he wrote it or not