Thursday, October 06, 2016

Spinning in all directions

Just a quick note to observe that both sides are still spinning what happened in the South Australian power blackout in their own directions.   Chris Uhlmann is taking a "hey, don't attack the messenger" approach, feeling semi justified by the interim report, when the real problem is that he was obviously leaping in to help promote network issues caused by wind power well before anything much was know about what precisely happened.

And we know from way back that he's something of a climate change skeptic and therefore not to be trusted on anything (my handy rule of thumb for everything!)   He was a bland and soft interviewer of Abbott and the Coalition when he was host of 7.30 - I don't know how his Labor wife puts up with him.

Katherine Murphy meantime seems to also be feeling justified by the interim report, but in the opposite way.

I suspect that, at the end of the day, part of the problem here will be different "causation" tests being applied by each side when discussing the outcome.  Everyone should perhaps read up on this in preparation for the final report.

Update:  and here is some credible sounding technical analysis (even if it is from a pro renewables source) of what the report includes that suggests that Uhlmann's take is wrong.


not trampis said...

I wrote about this today. Three towers were down before the wind towers stopped.

My guess few people have actually read the report.

Steve said...

Yes, I agree with your post that it seems from the prelim report that the transmission went down first before the turbine power dropped out, which may mean they were not stopped because of, or in anticipation, of high winds, as anti-wind advocates were saying would've had to be done. But there's quite a bit yet to be clarified adequately - even though it's a little hard to understand why they can't work out what happened more quickly.

Not Trampis said...

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