Monday, December 19, 2016

A few comments

I'm really busy at the moment, but a few observations:

* did you see Jamie Oliver's Christmas cooking show last week: "A Very Clementine Christmas"? I don't think anyone in Australia knows what a clementine is, but Jamie mentioned them about 20 times in the 20 minutes of the show I watched.

* is it just me, or did Colbert seem in a very dark mood last on his show last week? I think it's the sense of doom coming from the upcoming meeting of the electoral college.

 * Conan, on the other hand, has had some very funny clips on his Youtube channel about his recent visit to Berlin. His sense of humour, and that of Germans, does not mix, but that alone makes watching him trying to amuse Germans pretty funny.

* Speaking of doom - I saw a clip of one of his last "thank you: yes we all agree I'm great" rallies by Trump in which he again made the patently false claim of this election victory being historically big. It isn't, of course, and the news that one poll indicates his lies sway Republicans says something remarkable about what you can get away with politically now. At least with Republicans, who seem to have fully embraced (without realising it) a post-modernist attitude to "truth", about a decade after the Left had already moved on from it. Amazing.

* Haven't seen Rogue One yet, but I will, despite being rather sick of Death Stars or uber Death Stars in the Star Wars movies. It's a bit like the whole genre of World War 2 movies being about the atomic bomb, in every movie.

* Yesterday's big, ugly Brisbane storm brought hail to my area, but not big enough to hurt cars or break roofs. Good.

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