Friday, December 23, 2016

An example of Trump not knowing who to listen to

Wow.  A really clear explanation by Matthew Yglesias as to why the simplistic ideas about trade by Trump approved advisers Ross & Navarro are just wrong. 

A good example of how Trump has no judgement as to who has credibility on virtually any subject.


not trampis said...

The Ross and Navarro piece was simply embarrassing although I'm sure last in the line Trumpkin Soony will support the nonsense like the rest.

Jason Soon said...

yeah homer he should be listening to your advice about Taiwanese dictators' mistresses instead

Steve said...

Ho, ho, ho...[Merry Christmas].


not trampis said...

obviously not to you on knowledge of websites Soony.

so sad to see Soony support left wing policies

Anonymous said...


It's too early to tell who Trump will listen to on trade and what will occur. The best thing he could do is cut all the green tape, de ball the EPA and cut the corp tax rate.

Shut up Homer, you nonce.

not trampis said...

markets are not rallying on that. They just love that expansionary fiscal policy although they maybe over-optimistic