Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Brisbane needs a nap

Brisbane's lack of daylight saving means that it's hard enough to sleep in beyond about 5 am in summer anyway, what with bright sun and noisy morning birds.    (With sunrise at 4.45, the sky starts to brighten well before 4.30, and hence some birds start up that early too.)  

This sleep depriving system has been compounded by night time storms the last couple of nights.   Yesterday morning, the clouds meant it wasn't so light at 4.30, but the thunder woke everyone up anyway.  Last night, the storm came in around 1am and hung around til about 2.30, I think.   Actually, the thunder was not as loud where I live as in other parts of Brisbane (if Twitter is any guide, it was very bad nearer the inner city), but it was persistent and loud enough to prevent sleep.

This morning it is very steamy, and I bet another storm disruptive day or night is on its way.

If you are dealing with anyone in Brisbane today, just be aware they are probably sleep deprived...  

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