Saturday, December 24, 2016

Re-working the classics

For my 2016 Christmas graphic, I thought I would run some classics through Prismsa.
I wonder what da Vinci would have thought of this.   Here's the original, with the most Italian looking Christ child ever:

And here's part of it, turned a bit Japanesque via Prisma:

You know what I find interesting: I reckon this filter makes the Christ child look very much like a photo that's been filtered, not a painting.

I tried others through Prisma too, but I liked this the best.

As for your more classic Nativity scenes, how's this one for bright colours and an amazing amount of peculiar detail to analyse:

I find it very odd. Merry Christmas, anyway!

Update:  I've added a bit...


TimT said...

Merry Christmas Steve!

not trampis said...

Yes Merry Christmas Steve, keep up ypur good work here. Really intersting stuff most of the time.
you TRUMP everybody else!!

not trampis said...

No-one of middle eastern appearance to be seen! Amazing