Friday, December 16, 2016

Silly man

How much sense does it make for this Catholic from the 50's (who wasn't born til the 70's, probably) to claim this:
None at all really.  Has he no memory of the large number of women, even in Australia, who used to cover their hair to attend Mass before the 1960's?   And if hair covering was a sign of modesty for them, why is it not for Muslims?

Truth is, if there is any way to attempt to convert any Muslim practice into something they should be derided for, CL will try to find it, no matter the level of hypocrisy.


not trampis said...

He might say the same Paul when he writes to the churches in Corinth!

Jason Soon said...

what the hell are you trying to say Homer?

Not Trampis said...

biblical reference Soony.

Mohammed love to copy parts of Christianity!

not trampis said...

What in the hell were you attempting to say re the Leigh piece?

pot calling the kettle black