Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Something's up

Just when the Pizzagate conspiracy was about to be blown wide open, I see that Australia's home for Pizzagate dissemination - Catallaxy - has been shut down by a lenghty Ozblogistan fault - allegedly.

I expect the Black helicopters are hovering over a few Catellaxians' houses right now.   I do not expect to ever hear from USSR SRR again.

If only they could take out the IPA while they're at it, I'd be quite happy.


not trampis said...

I gather srr is another Catallaxy commenter who is a nutter although that is a tautology

Paul Montgomery said...

srr (or USSR as JC calls him) has been particularly virulent about Pizzagate. Trump wasn't enough with him, it's a disease that needs new material. He is destined for the fate of Bird, I think.

not trampis said...

believes in pizzagate. Unbelievable. Mind you when Bill was President I was always being told how the Clintons were involved in drug running and murder.

One National MP was prominet in that!!

As times moves on things never change

not trampis said...

do they love Trump fiscal policy overthere or even understand it?

What about his highly protectionist policy?