Monday, December 05, 2016

The Monday Trump

Apart from the point I noted a couple of posts ago (about how it seems quite possible Trump was manipulated by others into talking to Taiwan), two other items off the net further explain why Trump is such a worry in terms of international relations.

As William Saletan writes, Trump's "victory tour" shows Trump doing what we all know he does - he tells the audience in front of him what they want to hear - and it is now clear that this applies as much to foreign leaders as it does to adoring Trumpkins in front of him. He seems clueless about contradictory messages being out there for everyone to see. How on earth is that supposed to work successfully for international relations?

Stephen Colbert was very funny in his ridicule of this a few days ago, too.  Have a look at how he characterises the phone call with Pakistan (from the 2:10 mark, if you don't want to watch it all):

In other weekend Trump news, I see he's still broadcasting a specific message that he will punish companies by tariffs if they move jobs out of America. Now I'm no purist when it comes to potential government involvement to preserving certain industries and jobs, but even I can see that this is a silly approach.

When is Trumpkin drongo Steve Kates going to start worrying about this?


Anonymous said...


Stop deleting my comments you horrendous mentoal Pygmy.

Steve said...

I haven't recently deleted a comment, as it happens.