Friday, December 09, 2016

Yeah, I give up..Malcolm Turnbull is a coward

I've avoided commenting on the obvious disappointment of the performance of Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister.  

But yes, I think this week it has reached the point where I have to admit it:   he is a complete coward; a captive of the backwards looking, science denying, American poisonous-Right influenced, "conservative" wing of the Party.  Unwilling to call them out, and talking the same opportunistic political lines that Tony Abbott took regarding energy policy, rather than trying to convince the public of what past experience shows he almost certainly believes in his heart, he's showing himself up as the worst type of bluffing, insincere, politician who gives a bad name to politics.

And, of course, his evident lack of sincerity fails to convince the Conservative voters he seeks to placate, as well.

There is no future for the Coalition while it has this internal conflict, and Malcolm has proved himself incapable of taking his party with him.   "Sad", as someone would tweet....


not trampis said...

he is disliked because he has taken the Liberal party too far to the liberal side but where has he done that?

Paul Montgomery said...

It's part of why I haven't been posting. Australian politics is in such inertia, it's completely boring.