Tuesday, January 31, 2017

More authoritarian dysfunction

As I say, if you can't see the danger and dysfunction in the way Trump and Bannon are trying to run the White House, you're a complete fool.

Message to monty:  why do you continue to comment at a blog full of complete fools?   Seriously, they are too stupid and (in most cases) obnoxious to be seen with in the same room. 


not trampis said...

M0nty, Steve is right!

Paul Montgomery said...

Oh but Steve, when the worm turns as it surely will, it will be glorious. I'm putting in the hard yards now so I can enjoy it later.

If there was a group lefty blog with anywhere near that level of energy I'd be there like a shot, probably trolling the silly greenies.

not trampis said...

worm not tuned. his immigration/refugee fiasco was farce.
do you actually want worse than that.

Steve said...

monty, you should know, they are never going to admit error - even if Trump turned up nude from the Oval Office on national TV to try to disprove the "fake news" about his genitalia spread by the "failed media", most people at Catallaxy would say "pity about his breakdown, but he achieved a lot before he went mad, and we still sure missed a bullet with Hillary!".

Paul Montgomery said...

Yes Steve, and I would be there to make fun of them. They may have little to no sense of shame, but they know when they are being mocked.

Jason Soon said...

your presence gives this blog ill repute

not trampis said...

Catallaxy whoever,

Soony can string a sentence together. you cannot. Do take Soony's name in vain.

Steve said...

That did seem a bit gratuitous, Jason.

not trampis said...

That could not be Soony.

He is at the very least articulate and a self proclaimed intellectual.

That person has neither qualities.