Saturday, January 28, 2017

More leaking - like a sieve

Isn't it truly remarkable that a recording of a behind closed doors Republican meeting (dealing with the huge practical difficulties of repealing Obamacare) should be leaked to the Washington Post, so early in this administration?

There is some internal turmoil going on in that party, the extent of which will no doubt be the subject of many future books.


Steve said...

I've cut and pasted this comment from the previous post, where anon accidentally post it:

The meeting was a congressional one discussing kenyancare repeal. How does that even go close to suggesting the administration is leaking, you bumpkin?

I read the transcript. There was nothing in there to suggest anything negative. It showed the congressional GOP is very focused and concerned with what comes after Kenyancare's obliteration.

Talk about straw clutching.

Steve said...

Now for my comment in response:

To quote New York magazine:

"Numerous members expressed fears about the backlash they would face by snatching coverage from 20 million Americans. They have spent eight years promising to implement something better, and the Republican Party is still gawking at a whiteboard trying to figure out step one."

Indeed. But it's all fine, all under control, says anon.

not trampis said...

and it would all happen in 2018 when the mid-terms occur.

This assumes The Republicans have something to replace it with. A bad assumption to make

anon said...

Shut up homer, stay of these debates, as you don't have the intellectual wherewithal you moron.

Stevie, there's nothing unusual or untoward with these discussions.
Stop being a drama queen.

not trampis said...

then the republican do have a replacement. Pray what is it. If they do not and it would come into effect in 2018 then you are even more stupid then ever!

Steve said...

What's "untoward" about them is summed up at the 12.40pm comment.

I see that the Republicans are now saying it wasn't so much a leak as an infiltration by someone who stole it. Good to see the Resistance is strong, if that's the true explanation!