Thursday, January 19, 2017

Re-calculation requested

With the figures for 2016 in, I am reminded - I don't think that Sinclair Davidson has done the "Phil Jones" test on global warming since 2013 on his climate change denial site Catallaxy.  

Not that the test was ever important - it was always a clear cherry pick latched onto by climate change denialists - but it would indicate a degree of honesty if the good Professor would update us on the exercise that he used for propaganda purposes for (I think) several years...

Or would it throw him out of the Catallaxy culture club to do so?  (Yes, it would.)  


not trampis said...

a lot of irony in this look up lindzen in quiggin's blog.

When jones was asked that it was not possible to say it was statistically significant as there were not enough observations!

Mark Hill probably still does not understand this!

not trampis said...

Sorry only just read your links. Will Davidson say anything about autocorrelation when using monthly figures. guess not.ab