Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Silly trivia

On the one hand, when we went through an election campaign in which Trumpkin wingnuttery was full of things like slowed down video of Clinton allegedly having seizures, and a minder who was supposed to be walking around with an injector in hand, ready to sedate her at a moment's notice, I'm inclined to cut the anti Trump side a bit of slack when it comes to their now obsessing over silly things like Melania Trump's facial expression at one point of the inauguration.

But really, to be overanalysing her, and young Barron Trump, is really below the media, including Slate, isn't it?


TimT said...

Not really, remember the to-do over the fly Obama slapped?

John said...

Not so sure Steve. I noted Melania's expression during the telecast. Maybe it is just her "presidential face" but it looked like she didn't want to be there. I haven't raised the issue because there are too many possible explanations for that expression so I take your point about the media trying to make something out of it. In any other context that facial expression on anyone would suggest strong disapproval of the situation.

not trampis said...

I don't care