Saturday, January 28, 2017

The last Sherlock

We watched the last Sherlock last night.

Many readers from The Guardian didn't like it.  I thought it wasn't too bad, actually.  Rather too James Bond in the settings (both the prison island, and then the house surely reminded people of Skyfall?). Thematically, it reminded me a bit of a minor Graham Greene novel too - Doctor Fischer of Geneva.

It was all very improbable all round, of course, but improbable done with good intensity and directorial flare, most of the time.   (The shot of the jump out of the Baker Street flat was very poor, though.)

I would be happy to see the show continue, actually, now that its biggest mistake - the silly story arc of Mary - is well and truly gone, as is Moriarty.

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anon said...

The meeting was a congressional one discussing kenyancare repeal. How does that even go close to suggesting the administration is leaking, you bumpkin?

I read the transcript. There was nothing in there to suggest anything negative. It showed the congressional GOP is very focused and concerned with what comes after Kenyancare's obliteration.

Talk about straw clutching.