Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's it like in the White House at the moment?

I wonder how long it will take before Trump and his White House controllers will admit making a mistake?   Because it seems their "alternative fact" reality-in-their-mind is that the immigration executive order implementation went swimmingly, with the main problem being the media. 

A post at Axios, though, cites someone with inside knowledge summing up the situation realistically:
Despite the bravado, others who are high-up inside the administration worry that the ham-handed handling of the ban and its rollout are indicative of bigger problems ahead. These sources say:
  • Big decisions, and edits to crucial documents, are made in the dark of night, with scant input beyond the inner circle. "There are a few guys who keep everything to themselves," said a top official.
  • The insular inner circle is getting more insular, as it amasses more power.
  • No force within the West Wing is a sure-fire counterweight to Bannon/Miller.
  • The inner circle, resentful of leaks, seeks little input from the Cabinet, outside allies or Hill leaders. A leadership aide told us yesterday afternoon: "Congressional leaders had no hand in drafting this and haven't been briefed from the White House on how it works."
  • Trump is showing no signs of WANTING order: He loves the competing views, internally and externally, allowing him to be the (usually last-minute) decider.
  • The place oozes paranoia. So every bad move is simply chalked up to media-hate.
I can't see an obvious way to link to individual posts at Axios, which is a pain.

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not trampis said...

EVERYBODY knew Trump was incompetent.

He is merely proving evidence to that end.

How could anyone think Trump would bring in such a measure that was thought through. It was always going to be pear shaped. Unlike most normal people Trump never admits to mistakes so he never learns from them like most of us.

That he leans to people who are complete looney tunes and actually believe in fake news should not take people by surprise either.