Saturday, February 04, 2017

Adventures in cluelessness

A bleat today from Sinclair Davidson at Catallaxy:
It does seem to me that the shared values that have maintained our society and civilisation are fracturing. The left for reasons best understood by themselves have chosen to normalise political violence and hate.
This from the man who controls a blog abandoned for years now by any political moderate* due to the aggressive, belligerent and belittling style of attack routine in threads and increasingly present in posts.   Where sexism and demeaning comments about gays, all Muslims, women and all by a tiny handful of politicians are commonplace, and the livid hatred of the last couple of Labor PM's was continually on display by people banned from Bolt.

 * all except one, who ignores my entreaties to not deem it worthy of his occasional presence.


not trampis said...

He has absolutely no self awareness at all

John said...

So is Lizzie still trumpeting on with her preening narcissism?
SD, purported champion of free speech, bans people on the merest of pretenses.
SD, a champion of the free market, is tenured at a 3rd rate public funded education institution. Just like his mate Tim Wilson, living off the public teat while forever complaining about big government.

Steve said...

Same as always with Lizzie, John. She does intensely annoy a couple of other people who still comment there, esp Johanna, but L is a favourite of Sinclair, and the lonely heart Tom, whose anger presumably prevents flesh and blood women wanting to get within 30 m of him...

Anonymous said...

SD does not have tenure.