Monday, February 27, 2017

Depressing stories for a Monday

Bill Paxton's unexpected death:  seems that his likeability on screen was matched in his personal life. 

Slate has a lengthy article on horrendous, ethics free, medical experiments by US doctors in Guartemala post World War 2. 

*   Did you notice the story from a couple of weeks back that ocean oxygen levels are dropping, due to warming oceans?  No, well, it's all in accordance with predictions, apparently, and is another reason that techno optimists who think everything will be OK if we just make everyone rich enough to get enough airconditioning are wrong. 


Jason Soon said...

just thought everyone would like to know
Bird has joined twitter

not trampis said...

My twin brother dead?

Competition for Soony. I can see the RBA been given a large criticism from Bird