Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get a grip, fools

There's a bit of problem here with the Wingnut reaction to Flynn's resignation:  if their hero Trump was to meet their expectations, he could have tried to ride it out.  He could have taken their line that this was "the Deep State" trying to interfere with legitimate government elected by a landslide and he wasn't going to fall for it.

But he didn't.

So what can Wingnuts do about that?  Nothing.

Except get a grip and take a look in the mirror at the paranoid, conspiracy believing nutters they've become.

Update:  speaking of nutty, conspiracy believing Rightwingers on the Australian front:  just how proud is Sinclair Davidson that the blog he runs hosts his paranoid and gullible co-worker Steve Kates, who fears the US is having a "potential" constitutional crisis because Obama is behind the Flynn resignation?  "Police state" mutterings are in his posts too.

To what level of paranoia and Trump love does Kates have to rise before SD says "mate, enough:  you can't run your paranoid theories here any more." 


not trampis said...

no-one there appears to even know about the Logan act which Flynn completely and utterly broke.

Trumpians are great believers in conspiracies.

I see M0nty was having great fun over there.
We all know Katesy has been a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic for sometime now. He just wears his tinfoil hat quite proudly now.

Paul Montgomery said...

There is no such thing as Peak Wingnut.

not trampis said...

On a more serious level it appears the leaks occurred because Trump was told about Flynn but was going to do nothing

Anonymous said...


People know about the Logan Act because they read about it like you did. Shut up you idiot.

not trampis said...

If that is the case JC why were they and YOU so ignorant about it discussing Flynn when quite clearly he had breached it!

Best take your foot out of your mouth