Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Go Colbert

I'm pleasantly surprised to read that Colbert's late show is actually rating well, now that Trump is President.

But I think the Slate article explaining this is pretty wrong when it says " He doesn’t convey anger so much as he does bemusement..."    To the contrary, I've already commented here a few times about how genuinely upset, and angry, he's appeared to be since the Trump win.  I think the audience is coming back because he is so passionately appalled by the Trump presidency.  

He is not above the cheap, but very funny joke, though.   You have to watch this clip right to end to see what I mean:

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not trampis said...

come on Steve, Trump is comedy gold. We had Abbott a mediocre man so incompetent you just had to make fun of him or simply get depressed.

Chaos house is gold for comedians and will be until Trump is impeached