Saturday, February 11, 2017

Left wingers really need to be less snobbish, sometimes

I'm not really surprised by the Domino's Pizza article in the SMH today - it has been hard to believe for some time that all of the franchisees of such a cut throat priced business could make a good living out of it, and not face the strong temptation to illegally cut staff wages to make it "work".  

That said, I was sort of encouraged to see that Dominos had started to charge a Sunday surcharge, due to increased staff costs, which made me think the franchisor was at least being realistic about improving their franchisees' bottom line in the face of penalty rates that most fair minded people feel have gotten out of hand.

But it is annoying to see Bernard Keane respond with a Left wing snob comment:

One suspects he hasn't tried one since last century, and may be completely unaware of their considerably improved range and quality over the last 5 years or so.   Even their vego pizza is not bad. 

I really don't see why anyone should be a food snob about any fast food, which (if eaten once a week) does no one harm and (if the price is right) can keep everyone in a family happy. 


not trampis said...

Yeah, He doesn't know how much they have changed!

If god had wanted us to be veges he would not have given us red wine which goes well with pizza

John said...

I occasionally order Dominos. Nothing wrong with the pizzas. The Belgian choco fudge is a delicious dessert. :)

This food stuff is getting a bit silly. I've read a lot about nutrition but some people become so anal and pompous about eating healthy food that they are missing the point. Occasional fast food is a treat to be enjoyed and if that knocks a few months of my life so be it. I don't think it does and I do think too many people don't understand how subjective some of these claims about the risks of this or that are. We're all going to die and I'd rather enjoy the journey than live in perpetual fear of the destination.

TimT said...

Nah I love pizza chains but Dominos are especially bad. I expect they just manage to out-cheapskate the competition.