Thursday, February 09, 2017

Message to monty

Well, this is a bit of a surprise.  It seems to me the uber Catholics of Catallaxy (CL, db and Philippa, primarily, but some of the others too) do seem to be admitting shame about the extent of the Catholic Church child abuse issue as a result of the present inquiry. 

Yet, they still seem to hold the view that it was started as a Catholic witch hunt by Gillard, designed to hurt Abbott.  (I don't think there was ever any credible reason to believe that this was a primary - or even secondary - motive of Gillard.  But they hated her with a passion and were willing to fantasise about her evil plottings.)  In any event, it would seem that some are of the grudging view that some good is coming out of the exercise.  Quite a turnaround.

As for their insistence on celibacy not being relevant - why is Philippa, seemingly changed by her peripheral involvement in an investigation of a priest having an affair with another woman, insisting still that celibacy is not an issue at least in the case of priests having affairs with adult women??   

Could you ask that question of her?   I think she blocks emails, as she fantasises I am obsessive stalker.


not trampis said...

You simply have to compare what Gillard did with this RC and with what Abbott did with his RCs.

They have been and are and will always be looney tunes.

Facts mean nothing.

Paul Montgomery said...

Steve, first thing, I am not going to be your go between. Ask her yourself. She's on Twitter I think?

Personally I do not want any part of that conversation, because I've seen the effects of a similar very recent case (not the same one I think? but similarities) and nothing good comes of putting one's beak in. Too much scope for self delusion about what is really going on, even if the truth is staring you in the face. Philippa seems to have been educated somewhat by her experience, but it doesn't sound like a full Damascene conversion and I suspect trolling her about it wouldn't be constructive.

CL admits no shame. He will never stop fighting back, because he's not a true Christian, just a tribalist ideologue who purports to be Catholic to further his hatred of people not like himself. He is unredeemable.

Steve said...

I find your resistance to my directions - disturbing - young montywan. :)

I didn't think you really would...the post was more about noting to you that I think the Inquiry has changed the general attitude there quite a bit. Even CL noted the other day that he was felt ashamed about one case involving two girls sexually molested, and he has come out very critical of the whole culture of Christian Brothers.

Of course he still generally resents that the inquiry is happening - because "look over there - a woman's having an abortion!"; but he even uses that diversionary tactic to argue you didn't have to take Benedict to heart on climate change because in the one teaching he referred to both it and abortion. But even the other Christians on the blog are starting to criticise him for that now...

I actually think db has become the most embarrassing Catholic over there now, due to his complete support of Trump. CL (I think) is a bit careful not to be seen giving the same degree of endorsement.

Paul Montgomery said...

It will be interesting to see what the extremist Catholic Cats do when the RC shoe is on the other foot laying into other denominations this year. Are they going to be nearly as defensive when it's the JWs or various Protties who are in the dock?