Wednesday, February 22, 2017

When markets don't work as you want

A good article looking at the complexities of the Australian electricity system and why it is having trouble coping with the necessary change to clean energy.


not trampis said...

the market is stuffed. States wanting t get electricity from another State cannot be sure it will occur. Just ask SA. The regulator then caused a black out over there by not having Pelican Point on standby as it should have.

not trampis said...

electricity is an essential are playing with fire if you give it to the private sector. That is showed with Pelican point!

anon said...

A commodity/service which is essentially generic in all respects is difficult for markets to provide? Sure!

Food should also be handed over to the government because it's an essential commodity.

Let's avoid the SA renewball in the china shop.

You moron, paxton

not trampis said...

JC Answer why Pelican point could not provide electricity. Why does the connector with Victoria break down so easily.

If you had a brain it would be dangerous

Steve said...

Actually, JC, in times of famine, don't governments get involved in trying to ensure its people aren't starving to death?