Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We need to talk about Mark

It generally doesn't pay to reward belligerent right wing media culture warriors with the attention they desire, but Mark Latham seems to be on some sort of bender of offensive jerk behaviour at the moment, although this article reminds me that it has been building for some time.  

Oh, and before finishing this post, I see news has broken that Sky News has sacked him.

Good.  He's been capable at times, probably years ago now, of decent commentary on certain topics, but he's decided to make a name for himself by being an offensive loud mouth on the culture wars and feminism/gender politics in particular.  Overcompensating for the loss of a testicle, perhaps? (to go for a quasi Freudian explanation...)

Update:   an amusing tweet about his career:


not trampis said...

It seems he realised the way to make money was to be a right wing speaker. He crossed the line however.

how could he and Ross Cameron be 'outsiders'!

John said...

Relevance Deprivation Syndrome. On The Weekly they have great fun mocking him and Cameron re their cooking segment on Sky News. Two crusty former MPs who should go sit on a verandah and never be seen on a screen again.