Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A foolish column

I was just about to write that I thought Adam Creighton's column in The Australian yesterday, in which he claims that he would vote for Le Pen if he were French, was very foolish.  Then I discovered that even Sinclair Davidson would seem to agree with my assessment.  (!)

Creighton seems to be taking the Peter Thiel line that things need a gigantic shake up, and hey! may as well let the ethnic/race baiting, fact challenged contender do it because who cares about their actual policies?   (As someone else on the net has suggested, maybe this means he would be a Pauline Hanson voter in Australia, using the same logic.)

Creighton even seems to indicate he doesn't care for a lot of what Le Pen would do, or if he does agree, he devotes no time to the question of how many people would get hurt in the process of her blowing things up (figuratively).

I'm routinely not impressed by Adam, but when the stars are aligned such that even Sinclair Davidson doesn't agree with him on this,  I'll take that as a sign I must be right.



not trampis said...

Surely having seen Trump in action would preclude that thought.
you would have to be in a strait jacket like Katesy to 'think' that way.

now only opinions matter. Never let facts intercede!

Jason Soon said...

at least Trump has some deregulatory/pro-voucher tendencies. Le Pen is a straight down the line socialist (as is hanson). I'd take Trump over her any day

not trampis said...

Soony, Trumpy is simply another free marketer where people who understand economics want competitive markets.

not trampis said...

There is a devastating article on her at the excellent Lowy Institute