Friday, April 21, 2017

A seems

Gee, the Samsung 8 is getting good reviews:
The Galaxy S8 and plus-sized S8+ are absolutely brilliant smartphones. They're not without their flaws, but in everything from industrial design to internal hardware to software refinement, Samsung has knocked this one out of the park.
Gimmicks aside this is the best android smartphone you can buy
From the moment I picked up the S8 – and its larger, 6.2-inch sibling the Galaxy S8+ – I realised it was even more special than I expected. This is a phone that feels innovative, a phone that I can’t help but recommend
I would be nervous about carrying around a $1200 device in my pocket continually - but I've never lost or broken a phone before.  Maybe in two years time, if they've dropped below $1,000...


not trampis said...

I have never understood the attraction of a smart phone.

The cost and making 24/7 is absurd

Steve said...

You still use an old nokia? Or you don't have a mobile phone at all?

not trampis said...

Can't use the nokia now had to graduate to 3G and now i have to again damn it.

I just have the phone so people can ring me not vica versa. Why anyone would want to be using the internet whilst not at work or at home is beyond me