Friday, April 07, 2017

Alt Rights in turmoil

Vox notes:


Jason Soon said...

so am I

Steve said...

As I wrote in September last year:

In fact, who could trust Trump on anything that requires calm consideration that's not to be outweighed by testosterone driven* one-upmanship? How contradictory can one candidate get - to be promising that Iranians boats which harass US Navy ships would be blown out of the water; that ISIS has to be crushed, immediately, with overwhelming force [I hope you're all hearing this in your head in Trump's ridiculous voice]; that America must spend more money on its military; and yet he'll be slower to get involved in international conflicts that aren't really in America's interest? But if they do - he'll keep the oil. What is he meant to be, the Reluctant Imperialist?

OK: you could say that his Syria response was not "testosterone driven", but the general drift about how could anyone rely on him not to rush into military attacks stands...

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