Thursday, June 29, 2017

I can hear the sound of furious typing coming from the Sydney Institute and Catallaxy...

To be honest, I haven't been following the ins and outs of the investigation of George Pell for child sex abuse offences in any close detail.  I had the impression that the evidence was very old and not very convincing, but as I say, that was just an impression.  

So I am a bit surprised to see that the Victorian Police have charged him.

This will, I expect, infuriate the Catholics and other sundry conservatives of Catallaxy, as well as Andrew Bolt and Gerard Henderson, who have been convinced for many a year that Pell is a lovely, lovely man the subject of a witch hunt.  And, to be honest, there is a witch hunt air about the reaction to Pell from many on the Left.

I suspect the truth in Pell's behaviour lies somewhere between the two extremes:  whether any of it results in a criminal conviction, I would be surprised;  but I also suspect people might have been right to worry a little bit about his behaviour at one time.

The whole thing is unfortunate in many respects.   But for now, watch the steam rise from the predictable defenders.  


not trampis said...

Count me in here as well. I read/saw the RC on Pell and found all allegations very unconvincing.
If these charges are the result of different evidence then I shall wait and see.
The other thing for me is what Pell did in relation to the sex charges once he was in a position of power. It was not the behaviour of a sex offender indeed quite the opposite.

TimT said...

The charges seem doubtful to me. I don't think they'll be upheld.

However I do notice a contingent of people - mostly lapsed Catholics, I'd guess? - who are absolutely breathing vengeance about Pell.

TimT said...

I don't think they'll be upheld.

You know, in my completely unprofessional, unlegal, pissfarty-arty-farty opinion.

Steve said...

Tim, do I detect some sensitivity remaining to how I treated Clive James' terrible climate change piece? :)

TimT said...

No, he typed from the comfort of his padded cell.