Wednesday, June 07, 2017

News at 7: Idiots attack idiot

I dunno - seems to me that the response of Andrew Bolt to the foolish "fascist attackers" (whose use of masks, more than anything, will probably be used as justification by Bolt) looked like it could be argued as disproportionate to the provocation.   (He says he was sprayed in the face and on his suit with some "sticky liquid and glitter" - some reports say it was shaving cream -  yet it seems  he wasn't hurt at all by the alleged face spray, given he went ahead and gave his speech shortly thereafter.)   Clearly, he's happy to boast about "clobbering" then, adding only an an insincere apology about kicking one in the groin.   All good for the ratings of his cable show, I'm sure.

But if the guy he kicked turns out to have suffered serious gonad injury, I wonder what response he would get from the legal system?   If I were Bolt, I wouldn't be making light of it, just in case.  (Actually, never mind, Andrew, go ahead - I would get more amusement from watching another case of your legal system martyrdom.)

In the meantime, there was probably the sound of Viagra being popped out of its packaging across the land of Catallaxy last night, in celebration of a bit of biffo by one of their own.   (Although, amusingly enough, he is not right wing enough for some of them.)

And in case anyone is thinking that I am suggesting he had no right to make a physical response at all - no, I am not saying that.   But I think all sensible people realise that there must be an element of proportionality to provocation as a defence.  It's in the law anyway, whether you like it or not.


Jason Soon said...

the footage indicates more than one person lunging at Bolt. they were clearly intending to do more than spray some liquid at him. If i was him I'd consider it justified to kinghit the cowards

Steve said...

What I see is one of the guys coming up quickly and spraying him. Second masked guy doesn't even get close, as far as I can see. And it's pretty clear camera man is not a physical threat.

Two of the guys being masked undoubtedly could have made it frightening, and the nature of the liquid obviously could have too, if it wasn't clear what it was and got in his face.

But as I said, his quick recovery, and no complaint of getting burning eyes or inhaling propellant gas, etc, indicates he was not physically much affected by the spray.

For this reason, I doubt he was actually in deep fear of being kidnapped or beaten up, or whatever you think idiots filming their assault might be perceived as intending.

Nonetheless, while I have no doubt at all that physical fight back was legitimate as self defence, I think the extent of how he did it looks (at least arguably) disproportionate.

But Bolt, and his fan club, are positively gloating about how well he did in the fight. I think this is unwise of Bolt, but typical of his poor judgement, if he doesn't even know if he caused any serious injury via not just punching, but kicking his assailant.

John said...

I'd do the same as Bolt. If he didn't respond quickly he may have suffered more injury. Talking about a proportionate response is for those who haven't been attacked. In those context taking time to think is dangerous. You either act quickly or risk getting hit again.

Steve said...

Actually, he didn't seem to suffer any injury.

Nor did he get "hit" in the first place.

I thought I made it clear that I thought he could get physical in response to clear provocation...punch, shove. A kick aimed towards testicles after a guy's fallen down - thats where it starts to get dangerous in terms of going too far, at least if it causes serious injury. (I'm guessing it probably didnt..but why brag about it?)

John said...

A kick aimed towards testicles after a guy's fallen down - thats where it starts to get dangerous in terms of going too

My apologies Steve. I didn't know that Bolt hit the man when he had fallen down, missed that in the video. That's a dog act. You hit them if they get back up so you are correct, technically he is guilty of assault.

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