Thursday, June 22, 2017

Pleb who can't handle the truth

I don't usually bother much with reading Andrew Bolt's persistent foolishness on climate change, whereby other mere polemicists (Delingpole, Monckton) and a handful of contrarian science types are taken as knowing the Truth that All Other Scientists, Their Professional Bodies, and 90 Something Percent of Governments Just Won't Admit.

But I did today, and noticed this in comment with some amusement:


Peter, Peter.  If you knew not to listen to Bolt, you wouldn't need correcting.


Anonymous said...

You are a global warming nut, so I will take your advice and delete you from my blog list

not trampis said...

hey you will WARM to him. Obviously you have no knowledge of statistics. must be JC

Steve said...

I wonder who that was. I don't think that JC would say he has a "blog list". But would Tim Blair still be reading here? I've been criticising him for a long time now..

not trampis said...

He is a liar Steve, as if you would be on his blog list given the amount of global warming articles you propagate