Monday, December 18, 2017

Easily thrilled

From an Australian perspective, this is a very odd headline and story at Gulf News:
Hailstorm thrills children in Dubai

Students of GEMS Our Own Indian School in Al Quoz were thrilled to see pellets of hailstones falling down all over their campus, the school’s principal Lalitha Suresh confirmed to Gulf News.
"Yes. The kids were really enjoying the hailstorm," she said.
 Many children were out in the school ground for the sports day selection procedures when it started raining.
"We were having our shotput finals. It was drizzling. Suddenly hailstones started pouring down. We were so excited. I was able to collect some hailstones in my hands. Then we were told to disperse and rush to class," said Julie Francis, a grade eight student.
Suresh said the sports day selection was postponed due to the rains.
"Kids started playing in the water also. You know they never get to play in water. We really had to manage the children. Anyway, we didn’t have any damage in the school."
I guess a tornado would thrill them even more...

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