Wednesday, December 20, 2017

In today's conspiracy news

Poor old CL:   he used to write well crafted conservative commentary at his blogs (since deleted).   Then he started living only in Catallaxy threads, the mutual support network for increasing stupidity, which has eaten into his brain, and lets him say what is really rattling around in his conspiracy laden head:

I've noticed this yearning evident in the conservative Catholic commentary lately for an actual violent physical fight over what is essentially a culture war.   Or at least, as evidenced in the recent writings of Philippa Martyr, a desire that "true" Catholics will soon start to be physically persecuted, so they can show their real mettle and die (or spend their time in jail?) defending the Catholic teachings that most Catholics have in fact moved on from.

It's a very strange time.

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not trampis said...

CL is now seen for all the racism and innumeracy he has.

The fertility rate for 'brown socialists' to overrun the 'white Christians' is so high to be laughable.

He actually endorses murder for them alah Pinochet.

He would have been a wonderful SA member in Germany in the mid 30s. Stupid,denying people humanity so making murder easy to excuse.

No wonder the man has no concept of Christianity