Thursday, March 29, 2018

This is what desperation for endorsement leads to

It's been pretty funny watching wingnut Trumpkins getting a thrill over Roseanne Barr and her sitcom character being a Trump supporter. And making statements about how lots of people watched the first episode, so see!  the common people really love us Trumpkins!

Have they forgotten what a utter nutjob Barr has been for many, many years?  Of course they have - they are self labelled dimwits by their devotion to Trump anyway.  But just to remind them...

I had forgotten, but she did a bit of self promotion by running for President in 2012, and in the course of that made the following suggestions:
  • “In America, if we’re speaking truth, women are called bitches. I seek next Mother’s Day a march of one million American bitches who can get the job done, the job of getting the food to the hungry and thereby saving our rich American friends and neighbours from going straight to hell and burning there for all of eternity.”
  • “I will outlaw bullshit. After the passage of this law the patriarchy will inevitably start to crumble as will the concept of war itself which is largely a large load of bullshit.”
  • “Somewhere within the concept of justice, the worst of the guilty must always be removed. I cannot divorce this, not completely. The people must have justice and so I want to reinstate and enshrine the blessed and holy guillotine!”
  • “As Prime Minister of Israel I will introduce a bill into the Knesset that will simply pay the Arabs not to shoot at the Jews.” 
  • “Just 10 of the Jewish billionaires on this earth have more than enough to transform the occupied territories into heaven. We can put the ‘pal’ back in Palestinian.” 
  • “Any Hamas or Zionist type who tries to interfere with the labour unions and grab the money will be marched to the guillotines and subsequently beheaded. And isn’t that easier and more productive than some endless, bloody conflict? So sayeth the gospel of common sense. Happy Mother’s Day.”
Move forward a few years to 2015, and Daily Beast summarises some of her views as follows:
....Roseanne has gone on to become nothing more than a raving pseudo-libertarian ideologue who traffics in ridiculous paranoid conspiracy theories of the Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche variety. She believes in horseshit like chemtrails; she says the Illuminati's MK Ultra mind control has a complete lock on Hollywood; and of course she thinks 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing were inside jobs, government-sponsored false flag attacks. She regularly cites as a source for her outlandish claims the "investigative" work of batshit pretend journalist Wayne Madsen, the crackpot who remains convinced President Obama is secretly gay. She does all of this while often complaining about the patriarchy and in defense of women's issues -- she did so, amusingly, on Abby Martin's show on RT -- putting her directly at the center of that odd place where the left and right now come together and share a belief in the same ridiculous nonsense. 
 It's rather incredible, given this profile, that anyone agreed to re-unite with her on the show again.  Maybe that's why so many people watched it?

But her conspiracy belief makes her a natural Trump fit - and wingnuts are happy to embrace her, at least until her next condemnation of the patriarchy.  

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