Sunday, April 15, 2018

Seems just a little overstated, and I get back to normal about sport

According to News Corp, Australia's netball team losing to England means this:

As the Commonwealth Games near an end, may I also revert back to some more typical anti-sporting sentiment?:

*  I can't for the life of me see why netball has a significant following in this country.   Just can't see that it's a technically interesting sport to watch.

*  To be honest, I have no interest in women's team sports of any colour.  Sure, I can admire female swimmers, athletes, cyclists, etc;  but put a team of women playing something that only ever used to be played by men - looks a bit weird to me.  There are men my age who seemingly don't share this view, but with my low interest in sports anyway, there just seems something not quite right about women teaming up for chasing games (see my last comment below.)

*  Really, I'm never going to get used to women's boxing.   The sentiment is growing, with great justification, for men's boxing to be banned;  but at least that sport can be argued as a safer formalisation of testosterone fuelled aggro between men.   With women - yes, I'll say it - it's an unnatural look.

*  Also not a good look to see a marathon runner collapsed on the ground.   I have never understood the public's interest in watching or participating in that event either - just seems to me to a sport so far outside of the bounds of any "natural" activity that it becomes a little, well, silly.   Like free diving.   I mean, ball games like rugby and soccer likely have appeal due to the unconscious reminders of ancient male hunting and chasing on the plains of the Serengeti, or wherever;  but actually testing yourself as to how far deep you can go on a held breath, or how many minutes you can shave off a distance no one ever needs to run: well, it's all rather pointless to my way of thinking. 


Jason Soon said...

we will NEVER agree on boxing but
marathon running - it is boring to watch and boring to participate in. I have never run more than 10 km. It just gets too boring beyond that. 3-5 km are my favourite distances and actually nowadays I like to make it uphill, makes it so much less one dimemsional and about leg strength as much as endurance. and I admire sprinters but I just marathoners have to be grinds.

netball - what a boring sport with so many damned rules you can never really let loose like you should be able to in a aport

Steve said...

I feel tired just thinking about running uphill.

What you say about netball applies even more so to gridiron, as far as I can tell. It's incredible what forms of sport can develop a big following.