Friday, April 27, 2018

Too much oxygen?

Who would have guessed that too much oxygen for seriously ill patients is probably a bad thing?:
The McMaster-led team of researchers searched electronic academic databases from their inception through to October 2017 for randomized controlled trials done worldwide which compared liberal versus conservative oxygen therapy and death rates, as well as impacts on such aspects as disability, infections and hospital length of stay.

The 25 randomized controlled trials encompassed more than 16,000 adult patients with sepsis, stoke, trauma, emergency surgery, heart attack or cardiac arrest.

Data analysis demonstrated that, compared to the conservative strategy, liberal administration of oxygen resulted in increased in-hospital death by 21 per cent. Additional analyses suggested that the more supplemental oxygen patients were given, the higher their risk was for death. However, the incidence of other conditions, such as infections or length of hospital stay, were similar between the two groups.

The researchers estimated one additional death for every 71 patients treated with a liberal oxygen strategy.

"Our findings are distinct from the pervasive view that liberal oxygen therapy for acute illnesses is at worst, harmless," said Alhazzani.
Count me as surprised.


John said...

Well known Steve, if only because the oxygen rich atmosphere of cribs for pre-term babies caused blindness. Oxygen is an electron thief. The poison is in the dose.

Steve said...

Yes, perhaps my first line was a bit dumb, but - it's obviously not been well known that it was being over used on sick adults.

John said...

No my mistake. Probably not well known in the medical community but anyone who understands the biochemistry of oxygen should appreciate the risk.