Monday, May 28, 2018

Nearby sorcery

NPR has a lengthy story up about poor old PNG and the uptick in sorcery motivated killings.

If ever a country could do with some re-invigoration of modern Christian evangelism, this would be it.


Mayan said...

Perhaps reason and liberal values would be more valuable for their advancement than another brand of mysticism which can be used to justify irrational behaviour and bigotry.

The history of western progress has been one of a struggle to cast off the dead weight of dogma.

Steve said...

I would suggest a leap from a belief in sorcery to "liberal values" is too big in a such a society - and probably has no historical precedent.

A move from a positively harmful belief in malevolent supernaturalism to a belief in benevolent supernaturalism, however, is a much more likely step on the way to your desired final outcome.