Wednesday, October 24, 2018

She should be pleased

That looks like a very flattering, and somewhat unconventional, official portrait of Julia Gillard:

It does look like a selfie blown up large, though; which I think will make it look out of place with the others.  Still, she should be happy with it.

And by the way - she continues to be one of the most dignified and likeable public figures around.   History will remember her as a basically good Prime Minster who had the job under very difficult circumstances.


not trampis said...

history will record her being promoted to the job way too early and thus why she was a complete failure

Steve said...

Ooh...too tough. Way too tough. Especially in light of what followed her.

Steve said...

I've updated it to mildly qualify "good" with "basically".

I could have alternatively gone with "decent", I think. Perhaps a sense of decency about her is more what I was going for... especially in comparison with the Speedo boy PM who wasn't beyond ensuring troublesome opponents got jailed.

not trampis said...

Abbott rates with Stanley Bruce as our worst PMs

TimT said...

I always liked Stanley Bruce just for his name (he was also one of the Lord Melbournes, I believe).

As Homer hints, timing is important in politics as well as comedy. Few of our most recent PMs seem to have had much sense of that.

I presume Gillard got one of her favourite artists to do this. It's in that hyper-real style I think (rubs chin in manner of a scholarly art critic).

Mayan said...

It's a good painting.

There is an cartoon that has been passed around with Gillard and Turnbull talking. Turnbull mentions how hard it is to do anything with a divided party, while Gillard says something like "I know", sitting on a large pile of legislation passed and other milestones.

Sure, she had her share of foibles, but compared to subsequent PMs, she appears dignified.