Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Just the title is likely to cause Steve Kates to have a nervous breakdown

And Jason Soon will probably enjoy it too:


not trampis said...

Nah Katesy loves the market guided by a dictator.

Jason Soon said...

Oh the irony

Jason Soon said...

LOL Father Jack
October 24, 2018 at 7:42 am
Wilson has been a huge disappointment in Parliament to those of us who expected him to promote the ideals of western civilisation, small government, low taxes, personal freedoms and individual responsibility. He is now known for his inane tweets, his trashing of the marriage institution and his desire to take action on climate. He was either a fraud in his earlier life or a fraud now.

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Steve said...

I also like the other comment by en passant:

Several years ago I relinquished my IPA membership when John whatsit declined to comment on Agenda-21.

Unlike Roger, I found Tim to be narcissistic and elitist – the smartest guy (take that, Morrison) in the room by his own assessment.

Steve said...

Oh..Tim Blair has given the Quadrant column publicity too.