Monday, November 05, 2018

Lulz Cameron

It's very hard not to be amused by the sacking of Ross Cameron at Sky for using "slant eyes" in the course of a rambling defence of the Chinese.   And sacked by Paul Whittaker, who has come over from running the appallingly tabloid Daily Telegraph.   What fun.

"But the context! He was being ironic"  say some of his defenders at Catallaxy, some of whom are  are busy cancelling subscriptions to Fox.       

The trouble is, of course, that a history of buffoonery is its own worst enemy against that defence.  If you are making a show that frequently attacks political correctness, how are viewers supposed to know when they are being ironically racist. 

Someone at Catallaxy says they know that Cameron gets up early to run a business in the day, then does (or did) his Sky News garbage dump at 11pm.   They do their pathetic attempt at political entertainment live at 11 pm?   The guy's been getting by on 4 or 5 hours sleep, perhaps?   Getting sacked was probably a blessing in disguise.

Hilariously, the guy at Catallaxy who knows Cameron is trying to cast it as some sort of scary "they're coming for us" bit of thought policing:
Just remember, first they came for the SkyNews after dark commentators.
Um, yeah, sure.  Might be a tad more credible if it weren't a long time Murdoch flunky doing the sacking. 

Andrew Bolt is talking about some change or other too - dropping his show, perhaps?

I'm pretty pleased that the Fox News-ification of Sky News at night has such a terrible reputation and low ratings.   The Australian political landscape is much saner than the American due to this.


not trampis said...

Cameron like Latham saw becoming an angry white man as the road to the golden goose. However like Latham he did not know how far he could go. He went to far and paid the price.

Steve said...

Yeah, that's about right.

I don't really understand the appeal of buffoonery to those on wingnut right. On climate change, look at Monckton and his dress ups, same for Delingpole with his face pic at Breitbart, and Rowan Dean and his clown hair. Tim Blair is perpetually flippant, often now to the point of offensive.

I know people can complain about the far Left being humourless, but then again, 95% of comedians are Left leaning.

I don't really understand what's going on psychologically with the wingnut Right and their clownish antics.

not trampis said...

interesting that there is no 'left wing' version of this.