Thursday, February 20, 2014

The celebration of rude, offensive stupidity continues

Sinclair Davidson, and his crew of dimwits, congratulate* rude and offensive namecalling from a student, because he denies AGW and climate change.

The spectacular hypocrisy continues, then, all in the name of anti-science.

*  yes, he says it was "over the top and deserving of some reprimand", after expressing his pleasure at the father defending his son.  This is his typical disingenuous on display.


nottrampis said...

what staggers me is how so many of them can call people names because of the weighty issues when it is patently obvious several of the said writers have this same problem.

Sinclair still does not have the guts to say there has been a structural break in rising world temperatures

Anonymous said...

Does Davidson live in your head rent free or does he pay rent?

Steve said...

Good question. I'd certainly be less disturbed if I didn't see or hear him turning up on the ABC so often. (Same goes for all IPA types. And Judith Sloan.)

Anonymous said...

You weasel Steve.