Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Red state crime

Seems not to be well known:


Speaking of crime, Noah Smith seems to have actually found something to praise Australia about:  the way we give lengthy training to police (compared to the trivial amount given in the US.)   From his free to read Substack post about this:

Compared to the number of deaths at the hands of police:

One of the reasons for obvious policing problems in the US which I think Noah could have touched upon, but didn't, is the way they have an absolute myriad of different police type forces at all different levels of government.   Now, with 50 states, and a big federal government, I would have said that there was always going to be at least (say) 70 or 90 different "policing" organisations across the nation.  But the true figure, according to Wikipedia, is astounding:

Policing in the United States is conducted by "around 18,000 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, all with their own rules". Every state has its own nomenclature for agencies, and their powers, responsibilities and funding vary from state to state.[3] 2008 census data from the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)[4] revealed that this constitutes:

  • 73 federal agencies
  • 50 primary state law enforcement agencies
  • 638 other state agencies
  • 1,733 special jurisdiction agencies
  • 3,063 sheriff's offices
  • 12,501 municipal, county, tribal, and regional police departments

Well, that's crazy...


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Not Trampis said...

yeah when you put it with excess deaths of registered republicans in Ohio and Florida it is scary